Love it or hate it, Away was the second most popular track from With Love, and I noticed that after a while. As I said before, I originally didn't like that song, but over time it grew on me and I was able to appreciate it as other people did. When I decided to make acoustic versions of some tracks on With Love, this was the first one that I thought of doing. Obviously the original is nothing close to an acoustic song, and so I had a bit of a challenge on my hands in arranging it as an acoustic track. The instrumental was especially intriguing! However, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, and whilst I can't say which version I prefer more I absolutely love the new take on my most electropop song.


If I was a whisper that brushed your hair
Would you trace me into the sky?
And if I was the raincloud that filled the air
Would anyone still see you cry?
If I was the moment that made you smile
When all your colours fade to grey
Would you still hold on so tightly then
Even when I'm far away?

I'm so far away

If we could go dancing between the stars
Would gravity pull you down?
And if you were a lighthouse on the shore
Would you keep on spinning round?
If we could go back and change it all
Would you leave your life the same?
And could you just swear you'll remember me
When everything fades away

Don't forget who we are
When we dance through the stars

If I was the fire that lit the way
Would your hope return again?
If I was the love that could keep you warm
Would you battle through the pain?
Could we be forever side by side
When the new world is there to stay?
Just tell me you'll always know inside
That I'm not far away

I'm not far away


from Light And Colour (Special Edition), released February 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Summertime's End Perth, Australia

Musical candy for the sweet-toothed. Think Owl City meets Relient K... in Australia.

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