Light And Colour

from by Summertime's End



The title track of the album is a little back-and-forth song between myself and a friend of Hayley's, Roisin Mary Jane. It's an exchange between Light (Daniel) and Colour (Roisin) and describes the world as it would have been before they met each other. Hidden in there somewhere is also a message about waiting patiently for the person that God's chosen to be yours, even if you can't see who they are yet, or don't even know them. It's my belief that too many people lose sight of the fact that there is a single person for them, and often take matters into their own hands. Light and Colour were made for one another, and there's someone for everyone, worth waiting for. That's the underlying theme of this track.


The dark was all there was before
He said, Let there be light
And there I was, alone, afraid
As I brightened up the night

I saw the world in monochrome
And slowly lit the day
And I was Light, the luminance
But all I saw was grey

I knew I had a purpose but what kind I didn't know
I always knew I'd one day let my true colours show
The shades of grey and darkness used to dim my brightest hue
I used to shine alone until the day that I met you

I used to think I wasn't there
'Cause in the dark I'm gone
All green and blue and crimson hues
Are black before the dawn

And so I met depression
And it wouldn't let me go
Until I found the light
And I discovered how to glow

All my life I've been alone
But deep down I've always known
That somewhere out there someone
Was created just for me

And with patience I believed
With my red heart on my silver sleeve
But now the light is here and I can see


from Light And Colour, released February 14, 2012
Vocals by Roisin Mary Jane (Roisin Mollatt).


all rights reserved



Summertime's End Perth, Australia

Musical candy for the sweet-toothed. Think Owl City meets Relient K... in Australia.

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