This song is the result of my desire to dedicate a song to God meeting my wish for a super-fast, catchy electropop song that really combined the best of Owl City and Relient K. I don't know if many people would pray at 161bpm but it sure sounds good. I think the lyrics are pretty self-explanatory. For this one I had Jesse from Seasons In Oregon lending me his vocals for the second verse. I really like the way our voices blend and I think his vox were a nice touch to the song. In terms of inspiration, I was inspired to write the first 15 seconds or so after hearing a song in the background of a documentary. It comes from strange places sometimes, but who am I to resist the urge to create?


Sometimes I feel I must be worthless
But You said, have faith, and I'll do the rest
I know I'm nothing close to perfect
But for You, I swear I'll do my best

Save me a place in your heart tonight
Keep me secure as I hold on tight
Steady my path when I feel unsure
Change my heart till it's more like Yours

Help me to live so Your glory shows
'Cause how I'm alive only Heaven knows
Teach me to love them in all that I do
'Cause God, all I want is to live like You

I tried to find You by piling up my good deeds
But all my right turns got me back where I started
Until you said, Son, I have what you need
And suddenly the shadows all departed

Life is what you make of it
I see a chance and I'm taking it
Forgiveness is a gift I can't ignore

I'm a prisoner and You hold the key
O God, O God please set me free
So I can make this life worth so much more
And live like You


from Light And Colour (Special Edition), released February 14, 2012
Vocals by Jesse Burns of Seasons In Oregon.


all rights reserved



Summertime's End Perth, Australia

Musical candy for the sweet-toothed. Think Owl City meets Relient K... in Australia.

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