The Ballad Of Maxwell's Equations

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As a student of Electrical Engineering, one of the units I had to take last year was electromagnetic theory. Maxwell's Equations were a big part of this and I instantly became fascinated with them. If you would like to know more, check out - it's the simplest explanation for them I've ever seen, and you don't need to be a maths genius to get it.

Anyway, to learn the equations, I decided to combine my two loves and write a song about it. It worked - the song got stuck in my head and within a few days I could rattle off all four equations to a lovely rhythm. It paid off, too, as I ended up getting 100% in that unit. Hopefully it goes as well for you!


Maxwell's first equation says divergence of D
Is equal to the enclosed charge density
Or the surface flux can be obtained
If we integrate rho over V

Law two says circulation of E dot dl
Is the minus time derivative of the integral
Of the magnetic field through the surface
That's bounded by C

The third law is simpler than anyone thought
If you integrate B.dS you get nought
The divergence of B is just zero
So that's all we say

And finally, c^2 times circulation of B
Is d/dt of the surface integral of E
Plus one on e-nought times the surface integral of J


from B​-​Sides, Covers + Extras, track released April 27, 2012


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