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I wrote this rap for my friend Zain's birthday, as explained in the video. We did athletics together for years and ended up in the same relay team at State championships one year. The team was called 75% and was captained by Zain, who we nicknamed Uzain for his speed. I think that about covers all the info necessary to understand the song... and yeah, I know it's a rap. And I'm not a rapper. It was for fun. I enjoyed it. Don't take it too seriously ;)


They call him Uzain
Insane, he don't feel no pain
There ain't no-one who trains the way he trains
You call it repetition, he makes it superstition
You wanna beat him, you're only wishin
You want relays, okay
He'll be the captain any day
It don't matter what they got to say, he'll beat 'em anyway
North side, south side, inside, outside
Takin' on Zain, it's only suicide

You wanna stay alive? You say alive?
Better keep outta the way of the big seven five
'Cause when we arrive there ain't nowhere to hide
You better go take a ride
'Cause this all about pride, y'all
Can you hear the reverberation around the nation
You can't? Go take your medication
And let us educate ya on who we are and what we do
We're seventy five percent and we're coming for you

I don't know what you're after. Some cheap thrill?
'Cause when my boy Uzain comes for the kill
He'll run until you look like you're standing still
So run, boy, run
Yeah, I betcha you will
Sometimes it don't seem like he's real
Legs like steel and an iron will
He'll overtake you, he'll make you and break you
Just sleep with one eye open 'cause he's going to shake you

You ever seen a faster anchor leg?
You're just a child, boy, so go back to bed
Let Zain show you how to run, let him show you how it's done
From the gun to the line
Step aside, 'cause he's motorised
You might ask me, then, who am I?
What's the big deal anyway? And why
Why would anyone want to hang with Zain?
Well I'm his vice-captain, boy, and that's the way it's going to stay


from B​-​Sides, Covers + Extras, track released April 28, 2012


all rights reserved



Summertime's End Perth, Australia

Musical candy for the sweet-toothed. Think Owl City meets Relient K... in Australia.

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